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Tyres and Wheel service in Ridgehaven

Unroadworthy tyres are unsafe, illegal and basically cost you money.

West Car Clinic are the professionals in Ridgehaven when it comes to the supply, fitting, repair and maintenance of tyres for a range of vehicle types. You should have your tyres checked by a professional on a regular basis to ensure the safety, comfort and reliability of your vehicle in addition to the life span of your tyres.

The braking system cannot work to its maximum performance if the tyres are worn or otherwise unsuitable for the car or type of driving you undertake.

If you are experiencing unusual vibrations, poor handling of the vehicle, have problems keeping tyres at the correct pressure, have low tyre tread or can see obvious damage to your tyres, you should probably have your tyres checked by experts such as the service team from West Car Clinic.

New tyres, wheel alignment and wheel balancing go hand in hand to ensure good handling and maximising the expected lifespan of your new tyres. West Car Clinic are experts at inspecting and maintaining tyres and related components and can give you good advice on purchasing the correct tyres for your car.

If you need new tyres, a wheel balance or wheel alignment or just a simple bit of wheel related advice - it is time to pop in to your local Ridgehaven workshop for some expert advice.

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