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Hybrid Nissan Pathfinder Fault Diagnosis

The benefits of seeking further advice from fully qualified Hybrid Car Specialist at West Car Clinic

The owner of a Hybrid Nissan Pathfinder was recently recommended to our Carrington St Auto Repairs business in Adelaide by their friend, a regular client of ours, to help resolve an issue. And here we share successful story conducted in our Adelaide CBD workshop.

Following on from two different dealer experiences, the customer was being advised that the vehicle was uneconomically viable to repair. Not something you want to hear when you have invested in new technology.

The business owner Romeo, in our Adelaide workshop, set about following a proper and logical diagnosis plan. The first step was to collate and verify all the relevant customer information and most importantly the vehicle history. Second was to access the relevant repair and system operation data so a system diagnosis could be made. The third step was to prove the identified component was in fact faulty, because at over $12k for an inverter, ex Japan, plus international air freight, mistakes would be super costly for the client. The last step was to isolate a cause to prevent a repeat failure. 

It was established that the inverter was at fault. Once the system had be disabled and made safe, Romeo was able to replace the faulty Inverter with a locally sourced unit. These complex hybrid systems are basically two separate drive trains working in synergy.

Once the inverter had been replaced the next step was to establish and rectify the cause of failure.

The vehicle had been in a minor front end knock several months prior. The customer had missed a small coolant weep. Eventually this system ran dry and stopped leaking. The coolant leak was in the inverter/electrical cooling system, completely separate, to the engine cooling system. 

As the inverter also charges the 12v battery which runs all other systems in the vehicle, the integrity of this battery is super critical, despite the battery being fairly new, it most probably had been flattened completely several times during the prolonged repair process and accident history. After several test drives with odd intermittent faults and strange codes, the primary 12v Battery was also replaced completing the repair process.

The entire repair saved the customer over $10,000 on the dealer quotes, with a much shorter repair time frame. This is just another example of how the Repco Authorised Service network keeps the cost of repair down for all Australian motorists and provides an honest, fair and economical alternative.

Being aligned with the RAS program and using the tools it has on offer, like the EV training, Kangan institute partnership and the latest technical repair, data and training offered through Auto Tech, ensure the viability and sustainability of independent Repco Authorised Service center's like ours, now and into the future.

For all your Hybrid and EV servicing, inspection, diagnosis and repair needs don't hesitate to contact the specialist team at West Car Clinic.

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